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How easy is it to be a part of the new Red State Dems Team? You’re probably already blogging about things that matter to you or sharing posts on your own timeline with your friends – now share that information with the whole Red State Dems Network! Our volunteers post when they can and we don’t ask any more of you than that. Join the team!

What can I do to help?

Red State Dems can use your talents no matter what you can do. We want to connect as many progressive-minded people as we can, and enhance the reach of groups that are already on the ground doing good things. If you’ve never been involved or if you’re already a part of one or more groups – we can use you!

Here are the Red State Dems Team positions:



If you’re a blogger, your progressive views are welcome here! If you’ve already got a blog we can share it. If you need a space to write and post, we can give you a wide reach. State Bloggers write about state and local stories and provide liberal views on those events.

Time Investement: 30+ minutes per day


Media Monitor

State Editors have their ear to the ground and now what’s going on in their state. They already look for news every day and share it with their circle. State Editors look for stories to share on their State Red State Dems state site. If you’re a news junky, this is the position for you!

Time Investement: 30+ minutes per day

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