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This is a guest post from US Congressional Candidate for Kentucky's 2nd District, Ronald Leach. We need leaders, not looters We need a Kentucky and America that Works for ALL of US We need a Functional Government that represents US In light of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision that discarded over a hundred years of US campaign law precedence and now completely enthrones corporations with unlimited influence and the freedom to purchase our representative government (to an even greater extent than already achieved) as “citizens” with uninhibited rights to free speech under Senate Minority Leader McConnell's argument that money [...]
Tue, Feb 11, 2014, Continue reading at the source
This is a guest post from US Senate Candidate Greg Leichty. Mr. Leichty is running for United States Senate in the 2014 Kentucky race. An annual balanced budget amendment in a constitution is a very popular idea. Most states have one. A balanced budget at the federal level, however, is a very bad idea. During times of economic contraction, we rely on the federal government to pick up for the drop off in demand in the private sector. Requiring balanced budgets on an annual cycle would only serve to make recovery from any economic downturn longer and [...]
Wed, Feb 05, 2014, Continue reading at the source
This is a guest post from US Senate Candidate Greg Leichty. Mr. Leichty is running for United States Senate in the 2014 Kentucky race. The ultimate aim of budgeting for the federal government should be to aim balance the budget over the business cycle. It would be optimal for the federal government to run surpluses during periods of economic expansion and to run deficits in times of economic downturn. Contrary to current practice, the appropriate time to cut government spending is during times of economic expansion. When the economy is growing significantly, expansive federal spending can contribute to inflation. Restraining and even [...]
Mon, Jan 27, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Oklahoma legislators never fail to propose silly, extremist, and even bizarre legislation hoping to pass them into law. This year promises to be a record- breaking storm of batshittery. Rumor has it that an Oklahoma lawmaker intends to introduce a bill calling for Oklahoma to FORM IT'S OWN OFFICIAL MILITIA for the purposes of, get this- protecting ourselves from President Obama's secret army. So far, the 2014 session has produced over 2,000 bills to be considered. That's quite a lot in a state that's overwhelmingly Republican, a party commonly known for it's stance on “smaller government” and they're not [...]
Thu, Jan 23, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Oklahoma legislators are set to discuss the issue of marijuana for medical use Feb 12 at 3:30pm in room 419c at the state capitol and it is open to the public. Currently, there are no bills on the table to decriminalize the plant, but discussions are progress in the eyes of many Oklahoma families who need the medical use of the plant for relief or treatment. The largest problem Oklahoma faces in legalizing medical marijuana isn't the public vote. Last year Sooner Poll conducted a poll of Oklahoma voters and the results were that over [...]
Tue, Jan 21, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Oklahoma House of Representatives member, Sally Kern, made references to ‘studies' during a debate with Scott Hamilton, Cimarron Alliance Director, during a televised debate on KFOR Sunday morning. No one knew what studies she was referring to and she did not provide them during the debate. Sunday evening, Kern posted a Facebook status referencing the ‘study'. She did not provide a link to further information nor where the study came from. A few seconds of googling found the article on a right-wing extremist web site which she cut and paste to her Facebook- [...]
Sun, Jan 19, 2014, Continue reading at the source